Learning About Horses

Understanding and Respecting our Equine Friends with Donna Carlson

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Welcome
Class 1 - Breeds, Types, and Colors
Class 2 - Parts of a Horse
Class 3 - Things We Do With Horses
Class 7 - Learning from Horses
Class 8 - Honoring and Respecting Horses

What's included?

5 Videos
17 PDFs
Donna Carlson
Donna Carlson

About the Instructor

I was born and raised in Philadelphia — but was drawn to all things country especially animals and even more so to horses. I have been a successful equestrian for than 40 years and my experience has been extensive --  riding, driving, training, breeding and showing horses--especially Morgan Horses. I have ridden and shown in most disciplines including driving and the last 20 years I have been riding Classical Dressage and now Western Dressage. I even worked on the racetrack grooming and exercising Thoroughbred race horses. I feel so fortunate to have had incredibly knowledgeable and talented trainers who taught me to respect, honor and have a deeper understanding of horses and now I want to pass my knowledge onto you. I hope that you enjoy!


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What are you waiting for? Saddle up and take this this introductory course with your children on Learning About Horses...let's get galloping:) 

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